2013 Women of Excellence – Ethiopia

Association of Women in Business (AWiB) seeks to nominate women from different sectors who have done work that needs to be celebrated; stories you believe need to be heard; and female role models you believe need to be made visible.

The criteria for nomination and selection:

  • A woman who has utilized her position, stature and expertise for a cause;
  • An outstanding woman who strives to build a great company/organization and also contributes to the success of other entrepreneurs/professionals;
  • A woman who serves as an example of hard work and effective management and who demonstrates a powerful commitment to coaching other women and sponsoring them to reach their zenith;
  • A woman who promotes community service, who is changing the face of neighborhoods through initiatives to provide services that benefit other women.
  • If you know of such women, please email info@awib.org.et with the following information:

    • Name and telephone/email address of the nominee
    • What does the nominee do? Which industry?
    • A short paragraph on how the nominee fits the above criteria.

    Nomination Deadline: March 31st 2013.

    Learn more:  http://www.awib.org.et/index.php/events-and-programs/announcement/308-call-for-nominations-2013-awib-women-of-excellence

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