The Black Enterprise Small Business Awards were created to provide special recognition to African American entrepreneurs who embody the Black Enterprise entrepreneurial spirit. We are looking for companies and individuals bringing new products to the forefront, redefining sales strategies, and discovering new and profitable markets.

• All entries must be received by March 8, 2013.
• Winners will be announced at a special awards luncheon May 16, 2013 at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs  Conference.
• Nominees will receive a mention on our website as well as in Black Enterprise magazine.
• Nominees will be recognized at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference awards luncheon.
• Winners will receive a prestigious Black Enterprise Small Business Award.

Award Category

BE Next – young entrepreneurs of today doing the business of tomorrow. This award is presented to the entrepreneur doing business in a new, cutting edge arena (21st century-driven industry and business model a must).

Only those ages 21 to 35 as of the award submission deadline are eligible for the award.

Innovator of the Year – this award is given to the business flourishing in an innovative industry or those approaching business/entrepreneurship in a groundbreaking manner via their products and/or services.

Small Business of the Year – this award is presented to the small business owner whose efforts and/or entrepreneurial pursuits exemplify the passion and commitment needed to overcome adversity as well as attain success.

Nomination Criteria (with the exception of the Teenpreneurs award)
Each company must:
• Be independently owned
• Be at least 5 years old
• Be at least 51% black-owned
• Generate annual revenues of at least $250,000 but no more than $20 million
• Show a pattern of increasing revenues for the two years preceding application
• Have a minimum of three employees

Teenpreneur Award (age 13-17)
Each individual or group must:
• Operate a business that is at least 2 years old and at least 51% black-owned
• Demonstrate that the company generates revenues (even if it is not yet profitable)
• Serve as a role model to young entrepreneurs
• Have a comprehensive understanding of, and direct involvement in, the daily operations of the company

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