Are you a high performing African entrepreneur ? Do you share our core belief that business and entrepreneurship are the key to Africa’s economic resurgence? Do you see yourself as an icon of entrepreneurial success in Africa? If so, then this year’s African Awards for Entrepreneurship may bear your name!

Don’t miss the opportunity to APPLY.

The objectives of the Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship are:
1. To promote the value of entrepreneurship as a driving force of today’s Africa,
2. To celebrate the standards of business excellence within Africa,
3. To encourage business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace the challenges
4. To build strong networks of African entrepreneurs as a source of  sharing of best practice,
5. To attract more venture capital inflows towards good businesses across Africa.

The deadline for entries is 31 August 2012. We encourage women entrepreneurs to apply.

The awards will be open to firms originating from Africa that are independent and not a subsidiary of a larger organization, and are fully registered in the home country.

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