Problem – Please Help

Has anyone fired their entire (or almost entire) staff and started over again with hiring?  A company lost a core employee in April and things have not been the same since then.

Can anybody relate?  Do you have suggestions for this small business owner? Please share your ideas and experiences.

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4 thoughts on “Problem – Please Help”

  1. Take baby steps – consider getting a contractor for specific tasks instead of FT / permanent employees. This way you will relieve some of the pressure while having some flexibility to redefine the roles/staff needed in your organization.

  2. I’d suggest examining why you lost that core employee in the first place. Sometimes employees leave because they’ve found a better opportunity, but are you making an effort to retain valuable employees? Were you paying below market rate for that employee? Were you making an effort to achieve a good work/life balance for your staff? Do you try to find ways to challenge and excite your staff? Do you make an effort to find out what your staff members’ strengths are and then leverage those strengths? Does your staff feel appreciated, listened to, and valued?
    Even if you fire all of your staff and start over, if you’re not doing the above, the problem will persist and you’ll find yourself in the same position. And, if I were a job seeker, I would be extremely leery of taking a position at a company that had just fired everyone.

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