Buy Art & Fashion, Inspired by Africa

African High Street is the home of African designers and African inspired designs. A typical high street in Africa is very vibrant and diverse and we have done our utmost to capture this on our website. We focus on real inspiration from Africa, in order to bring you a diverse product range sourced mainly from Africa but also globally.

Products fall under 5 main categories;

Bags & Purses
Arts & Design
Books & Music

All of the showcased products have one thing in common, that is they are from and inspired by Africa ‘s culture and art.

The journey to African High Street started almost a year ago when we decided that as Africans, we had a duty to portray Africa in a positive light; one which is far removed from the typically negative view of poverty and starvation that the media portrays all too often. We set out to find talented designers, authors and artists from Africa and inspired by Africa. We were immensely impressed and proud of the amazing talent we found on the continent.


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